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How does Bizzy work?

Bizzy works very simple, here under you can check how it works!

Share socials

Share socials

Simply share every social media channel available in your Bizzy profile

Share contact info

Share contact info

Share with 1 tap or scan your contact info such as: email-adres, phone nr., address etc...

Share webshop/products

Share webshop/products

Not only your product page but your whole shop or parts of it.

Share paymentlinks

Share paymentlinks

Are you raising money for a good cause? Share this in your Bizzy profile and all your followers can find it​.

Share music

Share music

Are you an artist? Share easily all your art or music with the bizzy card

Share files

Share files

No more printing expensive brochures, everyone also works on their phone. From now on, share your files with Bizzy​


Download the bizzy app and start activating

Here we'll show you how to activate the Card– in the screen video you'll see exactly how.

1. Log in with your phone nr.

2. Wait for OTP (on time password)
3. Fill in profile info
4. Click  'Activate Card'
5. Choose one of the 2 options to active the card:

- NFC: Choose this option and tap with your card on your phone.

QR code: Choose this option and scan the QR code on your Bizzy card.
6. Check your mail for the unique 5 digits 'PIN CODE' 
7. Activation done! now you can set up any link you want like a liketree on your card, let's Bizzy!

Got questions?

We've made it as simple as possible. Grab your Bizzy card, open the Bizzy App and click on 'Activate' in the middle of the screen, you will then be asked for a unique 5 digit PIN so check your mailbox!
Yes, your personal information is stored securely with many layers of security. If you ever lose your card, you can deactivate your card in the App or send us an email with your profile name and we will erase everything on the card.
No, nothing extra is coming. Just the card and you're done. We invested in the App and you can also use it for free, we wanted to give you the ultimate service and experience.
You only need internet to enable or disable certain contact details or socials. After that, the map will be updated automatically and you can share without internet. The recipient always needs internet, as the card redirects to your online Bizzy profile. (ps. others don't need Bizzy App!)

Support center, check FAQ

Want help? Contact us!

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