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Bizzy is a young team driven to change the way we connect by using innovative technology.

We work on the future

Bizzy thinks ahead, the future is digital. This also applies to your business card and the way of sharing. Paper cards are a thing of the past, clumsy and if you have to change something, the old ones are ready for the trash, too bad!

Bizzy team in recent years


Grow per year


Customer satisfaction


New ideas every day

12+ (freelancers)

Bizzy helpers

Our goal

Work for a digital future

Based in both the Netherlands and Dubai, we are working hard on a digital future. New updates on Bizzy's features and always striving for new possibilities.

Work as a team

Bizzy works with over 12 people, from account managers to content creators. We ensure that everyone communicates correctly with each other.

International goals

We as Bizzy think are working on expanding internationally and introducing a bit of digitization in every country.

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