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The last business card you'll ever buy! Share your contact details or socials with the Bizzy smart business card.

Free App, no creditcard needed

How Does Bizzy Work?

With smart innovation, the Bizzy Card can share all of your information when tapped against a smartphone


Use the QR code on the back of the card.

Bizzy is an advanced way to share socials and contact details. With Bizzy you can share any link: Offline and online
Offline: Connect your profile to your Bizzy card and start sharing with a tap or the QR code of the card. That way you have your business card always with you! Online: Use Bizzy as a link tree and quickly customize your links with the Bizzy App in seconds.




Based on the number of functions & capabilites

Share <br>Social Media

Social Media

Share<br>Contact Information

Contact Information



Share<br>Payment links

Payment links





No more paper cards

The Bizzy card is a replacement for the old fashion paper card. The Bizzy card is made either of PVC or Metal

  • Customise your card
  • 1 card needed
  • High quality print

Lightning fast App

The Free App is made to make lightning fast changes so you can modify your Bizzy profile easily.

  • Modify Profile Fast
  • App store & Google Play
  • Unlimited changes

Tap, QR and Share

You can not only Tap with the Bizzy card but also use the QR code to use others to your profile. Even if you have forgotten the card, there is a QR code in the App! Handy :)​

  • Tap & QR function on the card
  • In App QR & share function
  • Activate more cards

2 profiles

By being able to switch directly between 2 profiles, Bizzy allows you to keep your private & business accounts separate​

  • Switch in a second from profile to profile
  • Keep info seperated
  • The Bizzy card responds instantly

Searching for corporate solutions?

All your socials & contact info on 1 profile.

Take your Bizzy profile everywhere where your public is. This way you can connect all your socials/contact info with each other.
You can share much more than just socials/contact info, with over 30+ different actions including websites, payment details & addresses. All securely stored in the Bizzy App

30+ in App actions

Modify your Bizzy profile in seconds

Add unlimited links & tap unlimited

Get your Bizzy card in our shop

First get your Bizzy card in our webshop and choose which card: PVC or Metal? Then send us a cool or business design and we will print the card​


Fantastic Bizzy card, now I can easily share my art . Always difficult with paper maps that your final city can do little with .

Download App & maak profiel aan

Download de Bizzy App en maak simpel een profiel aan. Na deze stap kom je op een pagina waar je de kaart kunt activeren en links kunt toevoegen

Super gebruiksvriendelijk simpel om een profiel te maken en te wijzigen.

Activeer je Bizzy-kaart in de Bizzy App

Open de Bizzy App en pak je gepersonaliseerde kaart erbij, vervolgends klik je op activeren en tik je met je kaart tegen je smartphone

Door Bizzy kan ik mijn visite kaartje continue wijzigen Fantastische App met vele functies

Bizzy is for Everyone

Contactinformatie Sharing contact information with your Bizzy card is free and unlimited. So get your Bizzy card today, create your account and start with a new way of networking!


Shop Bizzy-card

Shop the standard black bizzy card


Shop Custom Bizzy-card

Shop your custom Bizzy card!


Discover all posibilities with Bizzy

Bizzy thinks ahead, the future will be digital and so will your business card or the way of sharing socials. Click the link below to discover even more!

From idea — To Card

Think of an unique design for your Bizy card (or company logos/names)

We make the design fitting

You approve the design

After approval, we print the card and send it to you!

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Here are most frequently asked.

We've made it as simple as possible. Grab your Bizzy card, open the Bizzy App and click on 'Activate' in the middle of the screen, you will then be asked for a unique 5 digit PIN so check your mailbox!

Yes, your personal information is stored securely with many layers of security. If you ever lose your card, you can deactivate your card in the App or send us an email with your profile name and we will erase everything on the card.


No, nothing extra is coming. Just the card and you're done. We invested in the App and you can also use it for free, we wanted to give you the ultimate service and experience

You only need internet to enable or disable certain contact details or socials. After that, the map will be updated automatically and you can share without internet. The recipient always needs internet, because the card redirects to your online Bizzy profile. (ps. others don't need Bizzy App!)

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